I want to thank each of you for your contribution to my "Friends & Fiends" page.

All of the pictures are great!

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New for 2006! Some current, some older, but all are exciting!

What a cutie! Wow! Look at them pigtails!

Super Hero 2005 My older sister dressed "ME" like this!

Look mom! Can I be a Clown, too! Queen for the day!

A beautiful Princess, a 20's Flapper and a charming cat make for a merry mix on Halloween Night! Beautiful flowers from my very "SPECIAL" friends, 2004

Future WWE Champion "My Beautiful Flowers" from my "SPECIAL" friends in RI, 2005 !

Greek Goddess 2005 Troll 2005

There is nothing like a fashion show for charity!

A face that only a mother could love! Boy, I hope I don't fall!

Man, How do women walk
in these things!
Making my mark!

I can help Pawpaw! See how small I can get! My hero's! (2000)
Look Mom, I can do
8 things at one time!

Trunk or Treat? Only in Ohio! 2003

Bye Bye

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