First in a line is a family of three,

Then came Spiderman and Cinderella.

Next was a Witch and her fiends,
I mean Friends!

To a single beauty in pink.

They came in groups of four or more.

They came dressed as a Princess and a Power Ranger,

As Snow White and of course...


LOOK! There is Count Vracula, One Witchy Witch, and a spooky bride dressed in white with hair that glows in the night.

A superstar Cowboy,

a baby Spiderman and a baby Tiger too!

They came dressed up,
ready to frighten you.

From late evening sun to total darkness late at night.

They came from near and far, with no ending in sight to see if they can make it on our Halloween site!

Look closely now to find your picture from Halloween night 2004 .....

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"We had approximately 530 trick or treaters to visit our house Halloween 2004."
Thank you for visiting!

Ghostly Ghoul Gallery 2004

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