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This is my favorite
time of year! Ever since
I was a child growing up,
I looked forward to Halloween.

Special Thank You's added August 10, 2008

Halloween 2007 our last one at 162 Laurel Place.


Our camera was not working, if you visited us on October 31, 2007 and took pictures would you please email copies to us to be added to the website!

I want to dedicate this website to my husband, Vic, for without his love, support, help, understanding, and knowledge,(I know nothing about building a website, but I am learning!) "One Witchy Witches" would not be here today.

In Loving Memory of my mother, Charlotte Holsonback (1925-2009), who helpd me endless for 14 years and loved to see all of the children and adults in their Halloween customes. Without her love, support, and help for hours on end, I do not think that I would have been able to pull it all together.

And last but not the least, to each and every one of "YOU" who visited our home the past 18 years on Halloween night. We have had so much fun, laughter, and good times will all of you. I hope that we have touched your hearts the way you have touched ours. May all of your future Halloweens be as speical to you as the last 18 have been to us.

Happy Hauntings to every one of you and we love you ALL!
Happy Halloween from Vic, a.k.a. Count Gutson, and
Donna, a.k.a. One Witchy Witch

History and credits for putting together the Halloween Show at "One Witchy Witches" house every year.

When I was of Trick or Treating age, my family lived in a rather large subdivision in Marietta, GA.
We really had some great Halloween's there.

My mom and dad had just as much fun as my sister, brother, and I did. My dad would get out the "movie camera", now known as a "Cam-corder", the 8mm kind with the big set of lights that attached to the top of the camera. (You know the one that the lights are so bright that they blinded you for days!) My mom would make the big popcorn balls, candied apples, and other homemade goodies to hand out. She would set up a couple TV trays next to the front door to put all the goodies on and then her and dad would get ready for the big night. Every child that came to our house was greeted by the "Bright Lights" of the movie camera and dad saying, "Smile, your going to be on Candid Camera!" Little did they know that there was NO film in the camera.

My brother, sister, and I would all get dressed and head out to "score" as much candy as quickly as we could. You see all the kids in the neighborhood divided our neighborhood into two sections. We would hurry through one section, run home with a heavy bag of candy, dump the candy on our beds, and head out for the second section to see how much more candy we could "score". Boy, those were the days!

At the time that I was Trick or Treating, you didn't have to worry about broken glass, drugs, razor blades, etc. being put into the candy and other goodies like the parents of young children do today. We always had a lot of fun and our parents didn't have to go with us when we went out to get our goodies.

We had so much fun and I try to bring that fun into the lives of all the children that Trick or Treat at our home. If I can make Halloween night special for just one child that comes to our house, then all of the time, effort, and planning that we do is worth every minute.

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